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Lead Reactive > Lead Focused

For dogs that become frustrated on lead

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you have a highly social dog, who loves nothing more than meeting and playing with other dogs. This is good, right? For some dogs the arousal levels they experience when they see another dog is high, when their access is restricted they can become very frutrated resulting in them barking, puling on lead, goin up onto their back legs, spinning on lead, bitting the lead and so on. The reactivity you see in these dogs many not be because they are scared or aggressive but because they are frustrated. However, for the other owner observing your dogs behvaiour it can appear intimidating. This then leaves you feeling much the same way as other reactive dog parents who receive that judging looking from others. 'You need to get control of your dog' might be words you hear often. 

Lead frustration is hard to deal with. You as an owner are in a particularly difficult situation. You know your dog will cope better greeting the other dog off lead, but not every owner and not every dog wants your dog to run up to them and say 'hi'. But if you keep your dog on his lead when you meet dogs on walks, what follows is nothng short fo pandimonium. What do you do for the best? You want to be a responsible dog owner, but lets face it, its so much easier to keep your dog off lead and rely on his okish recall and just deal with the consequencies.

It dosen't have to be like this...

what you need is the oppertunity to teach your dog a more appropriate way to behave arround other dogs when on lead. But how do you do that? 

Have you ever heard of a stooge dog? A stooge dog is used when implementing something called BAT (behvaiour adjustment training) this form of training discovered by the AMAZING Grisha Stewart focuses on working dogs in the pressence of the stimulus (usually another dog or person, in some cases both) keeping them under threshold whilst rewarding them for staying calm and offering more approriate behaviours, which then get rewarded, either with food reward or getting closer to the thing they want to say hi to.

This type of training is very special and has to be done carefully for us to reap the benefits. It is not somethign you can implement on your own. lucky for you then I have created a prgram that invloves just this plus many other beenficial training components to help your dog go from lead reactive to lead focused.

Download the lead reactive > lead focused booklet to find out more about this speciel program, including cost.

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