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do you live with a reactive dog?

are daily walks a challenge?

How do you make your walks less stressful?

how can you feel more in control again?

How do you feel with off lead dogs?

how do you help keep your dog calm and focused on you?

How do you get your dog to even listen in those situations?

How do you enjoy your dog again?

These are just some of the questions we may ask ourselves. I know, I have been there as have many of my reactive dog clients.

Without previous knowledge many people come to me thinking that we can go straight in with stooge work - this is where we use a clam and well centred dog at a distance in a secure environment, to work with the reactive dog, building confidence and conditioning new, appropriate behaviors around the stimulus.

HOWEVER there is so much foundation work that has to be done before hand.

I imagine right now your stress levels are pretty high, you are exhausted, dreading tomorrows walk and already picturing what it will look like in your head.You need instant stress releif.

Your dog also needs a break. Everytime he is put into a situation where he feels the need to react the sympathetic nervous system kicks in, this start a whole internal reaction that puts pressure on the dogs body, eventually the body gets to a point where it cannot reset back to normal, your dog is then in a constant state of fight or flight mode. Meaning he is already for action before you leave the house. As time goes on his reactive behavior gets worse and more frequent.

You need knowledge on how to plan a successful walk where you can 95% guarantee you won't come home threatening to re-home your dog. :) No shame or judgment, we have all been there.

As much as we can plan a successful walk we cannot control everything, therefore we need to be able to have emergency strategies in our tool box for those "oh S***" moment, to reduce the severity of how our dog reacts, how we feel, and how that then effects the next walk.

You need to be able to know that you can handle your dog safely, in control without causing further worry and concner for your dog, or be pulled over on your face.

You need to have focus and connection from your dog so you can be successful in those moments when you need to give instructions and get out fo there, or simply distract him.

There are so many more things you need as a foundation to having success with your dog on a daily walk. 

Another challenge that prevents owners moving forward in a positive direction with there dogs rehab is mindset, realistic goal setting and expectations. Don't worry, this does not require any spiritual stuff (unless you want it to). but there are easy to implement simple tasks we can do that make the world of difference to our success.

There are many online programs and courses for owners out there. Some are great, some not so great. The only trouble is they don't know your dog. The information you get on these programs and courses are generic. therefore they may or may not help you. Either way you have no one at hand to ask questions to or trouble shoot with. No support. 

Support is crucial when working with reactive dogs, no day is the same, and there will be much in the way of trial error sometimes before we get it right. How do you adjust and tweek things correctly and successfully without support? you can't, so you get stuck!


I have created an AMAZING supportive program that teaches everything you need to help your reactive dog when it comes to successful walks. Everyhting mentioned above and MORE.

This ONLINE program is different to others because we tailor to you and your dogs needs. You also get taught by me, we have a session once a week for eight weeks where i teach you everything you need. Inbetween our coaching sessions i am on hand via phone or email should you need extra support. OH, and there is also LOTS of supportive assets to boot.

If you struggle to walk your reactive dog, you need this program. I only wish something like this had been available when i had my reactive boy Rocky. I used to come home in floods of tears, trying to struggle on my own, not knowing which bit of information to listen to or follow, nothing seemed to work anyway. I know if i had the knowledge i have now and this program, things would have been so different.

The beauty of the program is that with it being virtual I can help people across the UK. Sessions can be recorded so you have lifetime access to all the information, training, and knowledge. What's not to love?

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