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What qualifies me to help your dog?

There are SO many dog trainers and behaviorists out there,  how do you choose? How do you know you can trust the individual? What experience or qualifications do they have? 

Did you know, unlike vets the world of dog training and behavior is unregulated? Yes, you heard me right, unregulated. This means that anyone, and I mean anyone can claim to be a professional dog trainer or behaviorist.

This is one of the reasons why, if you have already sort help previously from one or two trainers or behaviorists, you may be questioning why they had such different approaches to helping your dog. This also explains why some trainers still work under the outdated framework of dominance theory, submission, and quick-fix tools such as choke chains, water bottle spray, or worse, electric collars! ( these have been banned in Wales but not England). As the innocent owner putting your trust in said professional you go along with their advice. Unknown to you the damage it is causing your dog.

There are organizations out there for trainers and behaviorists to join (Optional) to help owners navigate genuine, qualified, and appropriate professionals in this industry, such as the APDT Association of Pet Dog Trainers, IMDT Institute of modern dog trainers or IMDTB (behavior inclusive), APBC Association of pet behavior counselors, ADTB Association of dog trainers and behaviorists, INTODogs, and there are many more.

Some professionals may or may not be registered with these organizations for many different reasons, but are still adequately qualified. this is why it is so hard for owners to choose their professionals.

I like to make it clear to my new clients what qualifies me to practice as a behaviorist (reactive specialist) and dog trainer. I provide access to all my credentials and will even send you copies of my certifications if requested.


  • National Award in Animal Management: Obtained distinction level; graduated 2004

  • National Diploma in Animal Management: Obtained triple grade distinction level; Graduated 2005 

  • Degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare; Graduated 2008

  • ADTB Courses completed in 2009 Diploma "What makes dogs tick" Diploma "puppy training" Diploma "Setting up successful training class" Diploma "Bronze level instructors course". Diploma "Silver level instructors course" Diploma "Gold level instructors course"

  • Canine first aid responder course: 20016

  • Diploma in Canine Holistic Behaviour completed December 2020​

  • Graduate of Aggression in Dogs master course. 2021

  • Dynamic Dog Practitioner - Graduate July 2023


Continued professional development

I am constantly attending seminars and conferences within my field, whilst continuing study in specialist areas of canine behavior and training. This ensures I am kept up to date with the latest research and training methods, ensuring I get the best success out of my behavior cases and training sessions. ​ ​ 


I am fully insured and a member of the following organizations:

Association of dog trainers and Behaviorists, Pet professional network, Yellow Dog UK sponsor, and My Anxious dog ambassador.

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