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What is it?

A safe, supportive community where you can access FREE, trusted, knowledgeable and useful information on all things related to reactive dog behavior.

A place where you can safely share your experiences and challenges without judgment or criticism.

We have informative posts, Facebook Lives with various professionals, access to the founder and qualified behaviourist that specialises in reactivity, Gemma O'Leary BSc ABW. 

How did it start?

Long story short my late dog Rocky had severe reactivity towards dogs. Going back all those years ago I did not know what I do now. I found it really hard to cope day to day and the effects of living with a reactive dog was taking it's toll on me personally. I felt so alone and upset, embarrassed, ashamed etc. I would have given anything for there to have been a safe space or community where I could go to know I was not the only one suffering, where I could rant if I had a disastrous walk, with people who understood, but most importantly wouldn't judge.

As I developed my career path in training and behaviour I decided at the end of 2021 to specialise in reactive dogs ownly. As much as I want to help the dogs, I am very much aware that the owner needs support too.


And so their you have it, the Canine Reactive - Support Hub was born.

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