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I offer a range of packages to suit your dog's individual needs. After your initial consultation/assessment a detailed plan of how I can help you and your dog will be drawn up and offered to you over four, six, or eight weeks. Each package will include varying amounts of support to include;


  • One-hour coaching session once a week.

  • Support via phone, WhatsApp, or email - Coach in your pocket 24/7.

  • Supportive assets such as video links, handouts, and go-to guides.

  • Access to the Canine Reactive community hub on Facebook.




Four weeks £249.00

Six weeks £377.00

Eight weeks £499.00


*** Additional charges for stooge dog and handler, plus field hire may apply priced at £15.00 for weekly sessions and £25.00 for weekend sessions.

*** For home visits outside a ten-mile radius an additional fee for fuel will be added priced at 50p per mile.

If you would like to discuss your and your dog's needs you can do so by booking your discovery call here.

reuger and stooge.jpeg
Reuger - he found other dogs highly stimulating, he was unable to walk past another dog without lunging and vocalising. We started work with a stuffed stooge to teach him some impulse control and focus skills necessary to then transfer to a real live stooge. This was him early on.
Zeus - Building skills to not react to another dog, and to engage and disengage on his own without being asked.

Puppy classes

Canine Reactive also offers six-week puppy courses at Whitecroft Memorial Hall, Forest of Dean on Friday evenings 7-8pm.

Start dates are launched regularly. Classes are aimed for pups aged 12-22 weeks of age. The course helps to teach your puppy essential life skills, and provides you with all the support you need to survive puppyhood and beyond.

For more information email me at:


Book a chat here

Cost £85.00 for six weeks

For professionals

Are you a trainer or behaviourist? Have you been working with a dog and questioned whether the dog may or may not be in discomfort? Has progress with a dog reached a plateaux?


Did you know that many behaviours such as separation anxiety, OCD behaviour, reactive behaviours and aggression (particularly idiopathic aggression) can be signs of potential pain?


Did you also know that a study carried out by Daniel Mills et al 2020 at Lincoln university showed that 80% of behaviour cases presented to the practice had undiagnosed pain? 



When I started studying to become a Dynamic Dog Practitioner I had so many moments (and still do) where I could re-call past dogs I have worked with. So many cases where we would make good progress, but then seem to hit a barrier, or where the dog seemed to be extremely resistant to certain elements of the program. Many of these dogs had quirky personalities with many of the owners saying such things like, “he’s either full on or crashed out”,  “he asks for affection, but then gets grumpy”, “he’s like jackal and hide”, “he’s so stubborn”. 


When working with these cases I always had a strong feeling in my gut that something was wrong physically, yet because the dog wasn’t limping or yelping when touched it didn’t get flagged up as pain related by anyone.


Many of us work on vet referral only, meaning that we only take on cases once the dog has had a health check. The purpose of this is to rule out health problems as a potential cause of Behaviour. This is good practice, HOWEVER keep in mind that in that ten-minute exam, how much can the vet check? Also bear in mind that dogs will often feel anxious or nervous in the vets, causing a spike in adrenaline, meaning they will not behave “naturally”. Vets are wonderful professionals and we would be lost without them, but when it comes to identifying if a dogs behaviour may be a result of undiagnosed or silent pain, they do not have the skill set or the time to do what’s required to find this out.


As a Dynamic dog practitioner we do all the ground work for the vet then present the evidence to them in an evidence based report which is written in their language. This points them in the right direction of the problem areas, allowing them to confidently advise further investigation to obtain a more informed diagnosis. 


Throughout the process myself, the vet, you and your client will keep each other in the loop and together we can find the missing piece of the puzzle, and give the dog the best possible outcome.

If you would like this collaborative service, please email me at

Study by Daniel Mills
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