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Resource reclaim

For dogs that guard resources

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Have you lost control over your items?

Are you scared to drop something just incase your dog steals it and then guards it?

Are you worried about the risk associated with your dog stealing and chewing items?

Has your home become bare due to you having to put everything under lock and key to prevent your dog stealing?

Does your dog even guard his vomit?

Resource guarding is the term given to dogs who steal and guard items. These items can be significant to your dog such as a sleeping area, food bowl or toys. In some cases a dog may guard a space, a room or even a human. In many cases where items are ingested the dog will often vomit and guard this to. 

Your dog guards because he has placed high value onto the object or space. This has either been learnt or is a result of an underlying emotional drive such as boredom or anxiety.

Right now you are walking on egg shells.

It dosen't have to be like this...

What you need is the opportunity to change your dogs mindset around the object or spaces he currently guards. You need immediate management and safety protocols for instant stress relief and you need the support of someone who understands and has your dogs best interests at heart.

The resource reclaim program has everything you need to reduce your dogs guarding behaviour. 

Download the lead resource reclaim booklet to find out more about this special program including cost.

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