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Terms & Conditions

Below is a copy of the terms and conditions form that all clients receive when they sign up for my services. It can sometimes be helpful to read these before making your decision to book.

Cancellation policy and extra costs


  • Should you need to cancel a consultation, you have up to 48 hours before the consultation date and time to do so. Cancellations over the 48-hour deadline will NOT be refunded.​

  • Payment of consultation/assessments are due at the time of booking over the phone or using the secure links sent to you via email. If payment is not made within a 24-hours your slot may be given to someone else.


  • Behaviour therapy packages are either paid in advance or with a payment plan which is discussed at the time of booking with the client. Card details are stored on file using Stripe (a secure payment platform), money will be debited automatically from your account each month as agreed in your payment plan, using the card you made the initial payment on.


**Different payment terms apply to payment plans. These are highlighted on the individual payment plan contracts.


Veterinary communication


As a reputable and fully qualified behaviourist working to strive to the best standard, it is imperative that I have a referral from your vet in order to carry out behaviour work. Many behaviour problems can stem from health problems or as a result of medication. It is important that your vet is aware that you are undertaking behaviour modifications and that a health check is carried out before proceeding with the behaviour consultation. This will make me aware of any health issues or medication which the dog may be undertaking, so I am best informed to deal with your case.

I will also need a copy of your dog full veterinary health records. You can obtain these yourself or I can request them with your permission.


Medication & alternative therapies


  • In the case where medication is required, I will lease with your referring vet to discuss suitable options.

  • I will keep regular notes with regard to the effects of medication on behaviour, and I have the right to discuss this with the referring vet at any time.

  • I am not a qualified veterinary surgeon, and questions regarding the medication need to be discussed directly with your vet.

  • Alternative therapies such as T-touch, flower essence, massage therapy and so on will be advised where necessary. If implemented, any questions or queries need to be discussed directly with the therapist in question.

  • I have the right to share case notes and the owner's contact information with both referring vet and any alternative therapists.


Your commitment


  • You agree when booking the consultation that you will complete a behaviour history form which you will return to me no later than two days before the date of the scheduled consultation.

  • In the case of aggression where the dog is likely to bite, it is your responsibility as well as Mine to ensure the appropriate measures are taken to prevent injury to persons present. This will all be discussed during the discovery call. Please follow any advice given and ensure that safety measures have been implemented correctly.

  • You agree to record your training with the use of either the sheets provided to you, with a training journal or through video footage. Video footage is the preferred way as I can analyze these and give constructive feedback. They also automatically document dates and times, which can be useful.

  • You, the owner, agree to follow the program carefully and agree to seek support and advice from Gemma O’Leary ONLY should you have any issues. This ensures that the program and treatment of the dog have the best success possible.


My commitment to you


  • I am committed to giving you and your dog 100% support and commitment throughout the behaviour therapy/training program.

  • I have the right to cancel the program at any point should it be brought to light that the owner is not showing appropriate or sufficient signs of their commitment to the program. Any sessions lost as a result of this decision will NOT be refunded.

  • I aim to provide you will with all the supportive documents you need and aim to adjust my approach according to your learning style.

  • I will be honest and open about potential prognosis and will not miss lead you.

  • I promise to be prompt and professional at all times.



Use of Media


To help document behaviour change, I may record or take pictures during training sessions.

It is always nice to share success stories on social media and the website.


Please indicate below by circling YES/NO if you are happy for me to use pictures and videos on social media and the website.


YES, I am happy for pictures/videos taken during the session to be used on social media

or on the Canine Reactive web page.


NO, I am not happy for pictures/videos to be taken during the session to be used on social media on the Canine Reactive website.


Mailing list

Stay up to date with the latest news, Facebook events, blog posts, webinars, courses and much more by joining the Canine Reactive mailing list.


Circle the relevant answer below.


YES/NO I would like to receive emails.


Zoom recordings


One of the great benefits of virtual consultations is that the session can be recorded, and you have a chance to rewatch or enable other family members to watch.


Do you give permission for your Zoom session to be recorded? Please circle the relevant answer. Yes/No.


By signing below, you agree to the above terms. Please print and sign your name and return

it to Gemma O’Leary at Canine Reactive, 21b kells rd, Berry Hill, Coleford, GL16 8QZ. Or via email to


Clients Name (PRINT)………………………………..


Signature: ………………………………………….


Date: ……………………………

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