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DON'T WALK THE DOG until you have read this.

Ok, let's lighten the mood. I'm sorry for the dramatic headline, but I believe what I am about to tell you will help change your dog walk from being a dreaded task to a successful venture.

I also feel that the headline grabbed your attention, after all, you are here reading, right? You see I do not want you to miss out on what I am about to give you.

Before I tell you about your freebie let me just ask you a favor. Take a moment just now to reflect on what a dog walk looks like for you. Not just the physical aspect, but how it makes you feel, how you prepare, and what it is like to get ready to leave the house. What happens during and after the walk? How do you feel about this?

Do you leave the house with both you and your dog calm and focused?

Do you feel prepared when you leave the house?

Do you have a plan ready for those 'Oh, S***' moments?

Do you allow enough time?


Do you get ready frantically because you are rushing before work, and are pushed for time?

Do you and your dog leave the house stressed, anxious, or over-aroused?

Do you 'just' try and cope with whatever is presented to you without a plan of action?

Does the overwhelming dread of walking your dog mean that some days you just don't go? What about the guilt that leads from that?

I am no psychic but I am guessing you relate more to the second list than the first.

Have you ever thought about what factors affect the success of your walk? Maybe you have but are not sure what to do about it.

I would like to make you aware of some of the major things that can impact the success or be it failure of your walks.

Why? Surely I am just pointing out your flaws and where you are failing?

NO, NO, No my firend. Far from it. You see living with a reactive dog is a challenge. Everything in the forefront of your mind relating to your dog becomes negative. This has a negative impact on your ability to move forward.

One of the most empowering things you can do is to highlight and recognize problem areas and implement a strategy or solution to the problem.

In Janet Finlay's book ' Your end of the lead' She talks about the STOP tool.

S - Stop

T - Think

O- Observe

P- Proceed

This tool helps owners to analyze a reactive episode with a clear focus to help them move forward. It removes the pattern of the mind fixating on the negatives of the reactive episode and enables the owner to move forward in a beneficial and positive direction. By using the STOP tool the owner can highlight what when wrong, contributing factors, and factors out of their control or in their control that can or cannot be changed. Make a plan for the next walk, rather than thinking "No, can't do it".

I like to use this tool not just focusing on the walk itself but everything to do with the walk. From the moment you think about taking your dog out, getting ready to go, the walk, coming home, and thereafter.

let's just take a minute to look and some elements of our walks and the effects they may have on their success. I promise you then I will give you access to your FREEBIE!

Factor one

Time: if you are under time pressure i.e. trying to fit a quick walk in before work. I guarantee you things will go wrong. For a start, you will be rushing. This means you are most likely stressed. Your dog can sense this, and whilst your anxiously fussing around trying to gather what you need for the walk, your dog is becoming very unsettled and aroused by your behaviour. Error 1! You and your dog are already set up to fail because you are both in the wrong emotional state to have a successful walk.

Factor two

Location: You decide that today you are going to walk in a new location, because let's face it, walking the same route in the same place each day gets boring. What do you know about this location? What options are there for gaining more distance away from other dogs? What barriers are available to you? Can you change direction if need be?

You don't know the answer to these but you go anyway, only to find yourself caught up in several reactive encounters because it turns out to be a highly popular walking location and you were not able to gain more distance or change direction. Disaster!

So, if you would like to know what other factors have a big impact on your dog walk success then click here to access your FREE guide.

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