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National Walk your Dog Day - Don't Panic!

The 22nd of February 2022 is National walk your dog day. This day was created to celebrate walking our dogs. The joy we get wondering through the beautiful countryside or woodlands, sharing the nature with our closest companion, our best friend that is our dog.

Uh, but wait a minute! Walks for me are a bloody nightmare, I hear your cry. How am I supposed to enjoy or even attempt to participate in national walk your dog day?

I hear you, and so does every other reactive dog owner. Walks for us are far from enjoyable. They fill us with anxt and dread.

Luckily for you I have created a ten page booklet, a go to guide if you will, to help you take part in National Walk Your Dog Day without the stress and worry.

Simply download here.

Your welcome!



Surviving national walk your dog day - final copy
Download PDF • 7.01MB

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