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Our other dog wasn't like that!

"Our last dog was not like that". This is something I hear ALOT. and it is one of the biggest barriers owners face when trying to understand their reactive dog's behaviour. When you have been lucky to own and live with a dog who requires very little training, who you can take everywhere, who is highly resilient to various stimuli - life is wonderful with the dog. When you then find yourself with a dog that is not quite like that and maybe is the complete opposite to your previous dog in regards to what he can or cannot tolerate. It makes it even harder to get your head around the fact of why is he like this?

This is a normal experience, and you are not alone in your thoughts. However, it is not helping you to understand the dog you have now, all it does is make you resent him more and leave you feeling more confused.

You see just like humans every dog is different, how they handle things, what they can cope with, what they like, what they don't like.

So my advice to you is to look at your current dog and treat him as an individual, do not compare his traits to that of your previously perfect pooch. He is not them, and he is special in his own way.

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